Oysters Rockefeller
Restaurant: Vinnie's Steakhouse & Tavern

Aris' Pairing For This Dish: 2002 Robert Mondavi - Stags Leap District Sauvignon Blanc
Melt butter in pot.
Separate egg yolks from whites.
Discard whites.
Add yolks to mixing bowl.
With whisk, slowly add hot butter
While whisking continually.
Do not add too much butter at one time or the sauce will break.
When sauce reaches thick consistency add the rest of the ingredients slowly.
Whisk this sauce continually so as to not break or separate sauce!!!!
Creamed Spinach
Chop spinach finely.
Add to pot.
Add half and half and heat slowly.
Add remaining ingredients except roux.
Slow cook for 15 minutes.
Wisk in roux to thicken.

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